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My name is Barry Brooks and I want to be considered a resource for you and your good health. As the founder of Movement as Medicine™, I am in my 70's and a ten-year certified Zumba instructor for live and virtual classes. I'm living proof that exercise works. The playlist for every class includes popular songs that you will recognize and enjoy. This will keep you engaged and having fun. My goal is for participants to leave my classes saying, "WOW, I had so much fun I didn't even realize I was exercising."

How does our subscription program work?

Whether you subscribe to our Chair Dancing Program or Boogie Up Program, you will have access to that Program's complete library, plus new videos each week. As long as your subscription is active, you have access to the new and archived videos.

Two great programs delivered each week:

Chair Dancing

My chair dancing classes are specifically designed for those who prefer to do their dancing seated or are in wheel chairs. They get a great work out and have a ball doing it. Improved brain health and increased memory happens by just getting the heart rate up...which we most certainly do! And when we're dancing, serotonin and dopamine, the happy hormones, get released throughout your body.

Lookie here!

Boogie Up!

Boogie Up! classes are for those with greater flexibility and balance as this is an "upright" (not uptight) class. We increase our flexibility to reduce joint pain, like arthritis. Lung capacity expands, bones get stronger, and moods improve. We know that what's good for our heart is good for our brain.

Want to see a sample? Well, awright!

Choose to subscribe to the Program of your choice: Boogie Up or Chair Dancing. Note: Each program requires a separate subscription. You get our unique library of videos with new videos added weekly.

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Barry's Class is what keeps me alive!
- Hilda
I never dreamed I'd be able to dance again. If Barry's class hadn't been so much fun, I wouldn't have continued. Barry plays an important role in the quality of my life!
- Mary Ann
Thank you Barry. I enjoy the class and your positive attitude during class. Thanks a lot!
- Lee
Thanks Barry. Love your music and dancing with you.
- Carol
You emit rays of love, sunshine, joy and compassion. You are creativity in motion and happiness.
- Sara
Residents who don't usually exercise wouldn't miss coming to Barry's class. They love the music and Barry's positive energy. I firmly believe Barry enriches the residents' lives.
- Bob, Brookdale Senior Living
Barry is an impressive instructor. He is passionate about connecting with people, bringing joy to his every class. His professionalism and enthusiasm for senior fitness makes his class THE ONE our residents look forward to.
- Janina, Belmont Village

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We have a passion for helping others achieve a great quality of life. We love helping people and sharing our joy of movement with them. videos are proprietary and exclusively for you, our subscribers! We guarantee your smiles and your well-being.

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